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Benge CHICAGO SN# 2407 Forrest Buchtel

Benge CHICAGO SN# 2407 Forrest BuchtelQuantity in Basket:none
Code: 00001

Shipping Weight: 13.00 pounds
From the Collection of legendary trumpeter Forrest Buchtel this Chicago Benge SN# 2407 hails from the Chicago period (Circa 1949/50) Possibly overhauled sometime in it's early history the serial number is a little difficult to make out. Evidence of minor repairs still remain. Most notably a wrinkle in the receiver and some slight scaring on the bell flair itself. The valves are fast and smooth but could possibly use re-plating or overhaul. The best place for that would be Kanstul since they make a "Chicago" trumpet patterned after the Chicago Benge or Dr. Valve, who I personally have had very good dealings with. Perfect for someone who desires a light weight horn to sit on top of a big band. The serial number on the 2nd valve casing is very difficult to determine, but the number 2407 is clearly stamped on all three spring barrels. Resno Tempered Bell with E. BENGE spelled out with the notes on a short musical staff is on the bell According to Donald Benge, "Resno-Tempered" means the process of hammering and annealing (heating) the one piece bell into shape as specified and practiced by his father. More pictures upon request.