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Wiseman Suspended Double Trumpet Case in Black Leather

Wiseman Suspended Double Trumpet Case in Black LeatherQuantity in Basket:none
Code: 212

Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
Currently costing $720 new from London before shipping Don't wait get your now for over half off new price! The Double Case (as used by Canadian Brass) has a suspension system in which the trumpets are suspended between removable/interchangable rubber blocks that are colour coded for easy use. By suspending the trumpets we offer maximum protection. The case shells are solid, but very light and comfortable to carry. All mutes and accessories can be carried inside the case instead of one of the trumpets. Bb Bb/C Pic Eb On request: Cornet etc. Very strong hard case. Size and weight apprx 6.5lbs lbs apprx 3 kgs 9 in diameter x 21.5 in length Accessories Supplied Supplied with two thick leather straps and padded non-slip leather shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are fixed into the buckle of the leather shoulder straps to stop the pads from sliding. Detachable A3 sized leather music pocket poppers onto the outside of the case. 1 x A3 size leather music pocket 1 x external leather accessory /mute bag (attaches to perimeter belt - will hold apprx 5 mutes). 1 x perimeter leather buckle belt 1 x pair of music pocket extensions ( for carrying large amounts of music) 2 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pads 2 x thick leather shoulder straps Internal rubber blocks for as many different instruments as are required