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Josef Lidl Brno "F" Rotary Trumpet SN# 15607 (3 Valves)

Josef Lidl Brno "F" Rotary Trumpet SN# 15607 (3 Valves)Quantity in Basket:none
Code: 526

Shipping Weight: 13.00 pounds
Manufactured in Brno CZECH REPUBLIC Josef Lidl "F" Rotary Trumpet SN# 15607 (3 Valves) This instrument is an Eb trumpet, probably made around 1946. It is so called "high tuning" - brass instruments befor WWII and close after was made as for F or C (Concert) but they played 1 tone higher. With the tuning slide out all the way it plays in F Here is available new catalogue of Josef L’dl Brno brass instruments: http://www.mideal.cz/en/catalog From the very advent of musical instrument manufacturing, trumpets, flugelhorns and French horns were the main focus of production. Trumpets and flugelhorns have been used in countless brass orchestras, especially military ones. Possibly this could be Model LTR 561 - Es trumpet They look the same to me. The history of the production of musical instruments marked Josef Lídl began more than one hundred years ago, when the workshop of Josef Lídl was founded. This workshop began to work in 1892, first as a trading company and repair shop for musical instruments. This repair shop spread gradually to the first musical instruments factory in Moravia. The history of the production of musical instruments in Czech countries has a rich tradition. Its beginnings date back ot the first half of the 17th century. Josef Lídl's workshop linked up to the experience of the producers from several well-known regions, such as Luby by Cheb or Kraslice. Soon, however, the firm educated its own specialist who began to spread its high repute. This horn has a few dents in the crooks but they could easily be repaired. ore pictures upon request.