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The Breathmaster improves all aspects of trumpet playing.  Range, endurance, sound, flexibility and single and multiple tonguing.  It gives immediate feedback and shows clearly if the player is interrupting air flow which if not corrected will lead to multiple problems.  The gauge is a medical quality respiratory gauge which has a proprietary resistance developed by me.  The body is plastic and delrin which is designed to last a lifetime.  It has a variable resistance feature so that one can dial the Breathmaster in to match the resistance of a player's equipment if they so choose.  The Breathmaster is Patented.  The Breathmaster is assembled for me in a modern 100,000 square foot machine shop using CNC technology.
Remember to not over tighten the parts of the Breathmaster.  They are engineered to have tighter threads to help prevent air leakage.  Over tightening may cause the tube to spit.
Breathmasters have sold over 200 of these devises.  Their most famous clients are Doc Severinsen and Manny Laureano of the Minnesota Orchestra.  They both paid full retail price and were not given a Breathmaster.
It is the finest tool in the world for developing proper use of the air while playing a brass or woodwind instrument.  It has also been used very successfully by singers.  Developed by John Kase who earned a degree in trumpet performance from San Francisco State University.  While at San Francisco State he studied trumpet with Joe Alessi Sr. and Don Reinberg.  Mr. Kase also took private lessons from Glenn Fischthal, Laurie McGaw and once a month lessons with Claude Gordon.  He played extra trumpet with both the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, also playing second trumpet in the old Oakland Symphony and Oakland Opera.  He then moved to New York and studied with Vince Penzarella of the New York Philharmonic (one of the best teachers he has ever experienced).  His last teacher was Arnold Jacobs.  Vince Penzarella was instrumental in Mr Kase being able to study with Mr. Jacobs.  Arnold Jacobs rebuilt Vince Penzarella after he was in a horrific car accident.

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