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Bach Stradivarius Soprano G Trumpet Model 193 SN/ 79043 Silver Plate


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Bach Stradivarius Soprano G Trumpet Model 193

Designed as an alternate to the high F trumpet for the performance of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 (for example, the difficult high G-A trill can be played one step lower as an F-G trill). Well suited for baroque clarino parts. 


Bach Stradivarius Model 193 piccolo trumpet in G.  This trumpet is in excellent condition.  The silver plate is in excellent condition with no signs of wear.  No dents dings or trauma. The botttom sprung valves are very good and the slides all move as they should.  It has a nice tone which blends easily with other trumpets and is easy to play.  No Case or Mouthpiece

you can use this trumpet playing all sorts of high trumpet parts.  For me, the G piccolo trumpet has a much better sound than the high piccolos and works well both as a solo instrument and in sections with other high trumpets.  G piccolo trumpets are very rare.

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