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Bach Stradivarius C180SL229PC Philadelphia C


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Brand NEW!   Bach Stradivarius C180SL229PC Philadelphia C Trumpet

Top Bach C with the bold, powerful sound of a #229 standard weight bell.

The Bach Philadelphia C Trumpets are modeled after the trumpets sold to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra over 50 years ago, but have a standard weight bell that creates a darker, richer tone. The leadpipe is based on an original Vincent Bach design from 1947 and feature a .462-inch bore. A yellow brass body and #229 bell has a classic French bead flat rim which provides outstanding projection and tone. The "Philly C" trumpet also features a 1st valve thumb ring for easier tuning adjustment, and narrower bell to valve casing and valve casing to leadpipe braces for improved resonance.

Key of C 
.462" bore
Standard weight #229 yellow brass bell with French bead flat rim
1st valve thumb ring
Includes single trumpet case and mouthpiece
Key: C 
Bore: .462" bore 
Leadpipe: #25 based on 1947 design 
Leadpipe Material: Yellow brass 
Bell: #229 hand-hammered with French bead flat rim 
Bell Material: Yellow brass 
Valves: Monel piston 
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring 
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring with screw stop 
Features: widefoot bell to leadpipe braces, narrower braces at bell to valve casing and valve casing to leadpipe, thumb ring on first valve, narrow tuning slide 
Case: Deluxe wood shell 
Mouthpiece: Bach 7C 
Finish: Silver-plate

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