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Bach Stradivarius Mdl 304 D/Eb SN/ 49764


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Bach Stradivarius Mdl 304 D/Eb SN/ 49764 Circa 1969

Plays in both the keys of D and Eb with interchangeable tuning slides

Discontinued but not forgotton.    Just back from the Spa where it got a good bath and the tuning slide unstuck.


High D/Eb trumpet

This is another "must" for the symphony trumpeter playing modern works or oratories by Bach, Handel, etc. This instrument has a brilliant tone and is very effective in the high register in Bach's " B Minor Mass," "Christmas Oratorio," "3rd Suite in D," and most other Bach compositions; Handel's "Water Music," "Messiah;" Mozart and Haydn symphonies are played adventurously on a D trumpet (which blends well with the strings); Beethoven's "7th" and "9th" symphonies; parts of Respighi's "Pines of Rome" (written for Bb trumpet but fits better within range of D trumpet); Purcell's' "Trumpet Voluntary;" Ravel's "Bolero;" Prokofieff's "Lieutenant Kije" (written in Bb, but backstage bugle call should be played on the D trumpet); Prokofieff's "Suite Seythe;" Stravinsky's "Sacre du Printemps" (for 2nd part of composition), and other modern compositions.

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