Bach Stradivarius 72*/43 S/n 42397 Corp. Bell Maximize

Bach Stradivarius 72*/43 S/n 42397 Corp. Bell


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Bach Stradivarius 72*/43 S/n 42397 probably built circa 1967-68. Corp. Bell ML (.460) One of the flagship commercial horns made by Bach. That means two piece valve section  made of yellow brass. A 72* lightweight bell with a solid core that lites up in the upper register. Charlie Melk installed the 1st slide thumb hook as well as a 43 pipe.  The bell is side-seam, along with a steel wire rim
The valves were rebuilt and aligned by Doctor Valve a couple of years ago. Yes this horn has quite a pedigree. It's been in my quiver for a couple of years but I found a Selmer Chorus 80J that I like better. This horn is in raw brass. No case/ Mpc.

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