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Schilke S43HDL-F Faddis



HornTrader has probably the only one in the USA (Besides Jon) to have one!
Incredible horn……….. What a Sound………….. Magnificent Slotting……………….. Ease of Range? forget about it!!!!

The new Schilke S43HDL-F Bb made its official debut this past January at the NAMM show. Built on Schilke's HD valve section with a #3 taper tuning bell, this .450" bore trumpet offers amazing projection. Created for the legendary Jon Faddis, the S43HDL-F offers a sound with depth while still maintaining a lot of color at all dynamic levels. Tis is Jon's trumpet of choice! I had a wonderful time at the NAMM show in Anaheim with Jon and there was a great amount of interest in his new trumpet!!!   SCHILKE CHICAGO USA This Schilke S43HDL-F Bb horn is brand new. It was literally shown at NAMM for the first time. Faddis has the first one and the HornTrader had the second. ....... Yes you read that correctly. I sold it within 5 days of bringing it home. But, don't cry I have another on order. The next one should show up around May 2015 so stay tuned to the hornTrader!   THIS TRUMPET HAS A SPECIAL BELL SCHILKE MADE FOR JON WITH A TONE CROWN. This adds $500 to the price! If you want a horn that sounds as big as a house when you put the jets to it look no farther!!!!!   


Schilke S43HDL-F Bb with Faddis Model Bell

M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm)
ML Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Tuning Bell with #3 Taper

Built to the specifications of the legendary jazz artist, musician, conductor, composer and educator Jon Faddis, this tuning bell instrument includes a custom round tuning slide without waterkeys, adjustable tuning bell soundpost, heavy valve caps and removed “nibs” on the 2nd slide. SILVER PLATE

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