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Schilke B6L NEW


  • B6L – M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm) / ML Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Tunable Copper Bell with #2 Taper
Schilke Music Products is regarded as a world leader in trumpet design with a premium placed on build quality and playability. Hand made and fit by the most skilled craftsman in the world, Schilke continues to set a standard today as the first choice on the concert stage.

The detachable tuning bell design is available on all Schilke Bb, C, Eb/D, and G/F custom-built trumpets.  By tuning from the bell, the instrument offers an improved feel and superior intonation. In general, the playing characteristic of this instrument will be more open or “free” feeling mainly in the upper register.  Because the tuning bell design offers less bell bracing, the general response of the instrument feels quicker.  By removing the standard “S” brace on the front section of the bell, the instrument resonates or “rings” which improves projection.  With the lack of fixed bracing, the tuning bell design is fragile and caution should be used when carrying a tuning bell trumpet in a soft sided case.

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