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Shires Bb SN/ 881 AHW GOLD!


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Custom made Gold Plated Shires Bb SN/  881 AHW trumpet with the slightly bigger flare, French bead, and a few other small mods made by David and James at Shires a few years back.

The WH leadpipe is the standard leadpipe for this AHW model.  In essence, it plays like a standard Shires AHW, except you can play louder and keep the sound as sweet as can be. The flare is at 5.13", with a French bead. It is gold plated, with a very unique engraving of the clown character from La Nouba, Cirque du Soleil.  This horn was used for the parade at the opening of the show.  Eleven million people have seen this horn play that parade over the years. There are no scuff marks, no scratches, no dings.  The valves were redone two years ago by Dr Valve (Steve Winans).  They were  re-plated, so they are better than new, with very, very good compression, and totally trouble free operation. All slides move easily.  The only other mod is that the radius of the lower branch knuckle going into the valve block is a little larger than normal. It does make the horn keep its tone from breaking up as one gets louder, which is why this trumpet was perfect for the parade, as there was no mic, This horn projects with very little effort!  Excellent trumpet. Originally purchased at the $7k  watermark, it is a lot of trumpet for the buck

Recognized as a leader in brass instrument design and innovation, S.E. Shires Co. sets the benchmark for blending traditional craftsmanship with high-tech consistency and precision. Shires fabricates its bells, tubing, and valve sections onsite in its Massachusetts factory to exacting standards. The valve components are tested thoroughly for accurate tolerances and perfect action at every stage of manufacture. Shires draws its own slide tubes to precise tolerances, assembling them without tension, and aligning them carefully to assure smooth, trouble-free action that is second to none. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction also ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires trumpet displays incredible depth, complexity and character-giving the player an unrivaled sonic palette with which to work. S.E. Shires makes beautiful instruments, built to last for many years. Mouthpiece and case not included.

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