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Conn 22B SN/ 277326 (Circa 1931)


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Conn 22B SN/ 277326 (Circa 1931)   Brushed Silver with gold wash bell. They just don't make them like this anymore. Made in a small bore, the New York Symphony trumpet has a very bright, crystal pure tone. It is brilliant without being "squealy" or "squeaky"; it has great penetrating power without being blatant; it will play pianissimo without faltering or losing its trumpet color; it will play fortissimo without cracking or becoming harsh; it responds with the slightest breath and can be played vigorously all evening without exhaustion. The unparalleled favorite in theater orchestras, dance orchestras, the smaller symphonies and concert bands, and for solo playing Most Early model 22B's you will find are silver plated. The finish of an instrument (gold, silver, raw brass or lacquer) is not an indication of a particular model. It has been found that 22B's from 1924-1925 often had solid copper valve casings with brass threads soldered in.  Over the years the 22B evolved into the instruments listed seperately as the 22B New York Symphony "Late model" and eventually the 22B Victor. It gained a leadpipe pinky ring around 1928, and a main tuning slide brace around 1936. Instruments up to at least 1930 had top spring valves. Sometime around that date the valves became bottom spring. The 22B New York Symphony "early model" is 19½" long, weighs 2¼ lbs and has a 4 5/8" bell. It has a #1 bore (0.438") and was built between 1922 and approximately 1935. Quick change to the key of "A" mechanism this horn is a collectors dream. Comes with original case, mute, and mouthpiece Check out the horn below of a similar model and vintage.

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