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Bach Stradivarius MLV "Vindabona" 72 SN/ 58575 W/Reeves


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Bach Stradivarius "Vindabona"  MLV 72 SN/ 58575 With Bob Reeves PVA

The Bach Stradivarius "Vindabona" Bb trumpets are made with a progressive or conical bore, rather than a cylindrical bore. The top leg of the tuning slide should measure .444" and the bottom leg should be .453". Then, there are .453" 'filler' tubes installed until you get to the .459" valve casing and slides. The #72 standard weight bell fitted to the Vindabona should read .462" at the tail. Early Elkhart Bach Stradivarius Vindabona (MLV 72),  Sn/ 58575 (Circa 1972) Bach's version of a rotary sound, more conical in nature, step bore. 43 lead pipe (unmarked).  Silver condition is great.  No dents or dings, but evidence of bell repair. Some minor silver swirls.. All slide work nicely. 459" Medium-large bore, yellow brass one-piece hand-hammered #72 bell, standard construction #43 mouth-pipe, monel pistons, Great Compression. Valves and slides are perfect! Has a great ring and a big dark sound. It feels and sounds great. Rare trumpet indeed of this vintage. Wynton, Brian Lynch and Dave Ballou. . .. are all guys who have played Vindy's similar to this.  This horn is has a dark dreamy tone!  SN#  Sn/ 58575 places the Manufacture date around 1972. (a few years @ Vincent Bach after the move from Mt Vernon) 

I think the trumpets were made better around that time. Below are just a few reasons why:  Valve Casings It is generally understood that prior to S/N 121,7XX (approx. 1977), valve casings were made from 2 pieces. The top part was made of nickel silver. (The original heavy weight horn!) This horn has Metal Valve guides The metal (brass) valve guides were replaced with nylon plastic guides during the 1980's. This was done for further cost/performance reasons. Bell Construction - Thickness On older Bach trumpets the bell thickness is tapered as the bell flares out. Today, through modern manufacturing techniques, the bell thickness is much more uniform, allowing for similar sound vs. daily manufacturing variations. This is one reason why older Bach trumpets often have a different sound to them. Source ........…

A fine example of a classic Bach trumpet, the "Vindabona". This horn introduced in 1961 was described by Vincent Bach in his catalogue as a "brand new trumpet of an amazing response and fascinating timbre of tone....the 72 bell is of a larger bore, the tuning slide telescopic, which combination results in a gorgeously rich, noble, majestic tone, resonant and compact, very flexible through the entire compass, enormous in carrying power".
This horn dates back to 1972 a few years after the move to Elkhart when Vincent himself was personally overseeing production....this is a classic instrument. The compression is very good and the valves are fast, all slides pull..... It is a very nice playing horn.  

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