Bach Stradivarius 72*/43 ML SN/ 60288 Maximize

Bach Stradivarius 72*/43 ML SN/ 60288


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Bach Stradivarius 43-72* “Light Weight” SN/ 60288

Between the Jim Becker valve rebuild, precision alignment, brand new Bach leadpipe purchace and installment, and the Rich Ita "de-stressing" about  $1700 for custom work on this awesome horn. This is the best Bach you can ever dream of getting your hands on. The Raw Brass finish is desireable by many players  because the horn vibrates at it's maximum potential without lacquer or silver plating,  ( See The Schilke Notes on this)

This 72* Light Weight bell is perfect for all round playing with a warm sound in the cash register and a zizzel up high.  Horn was manufactured circa 1971.
43 Lead Pipe improves any stuffyness plus helps with slotting, and response from middle to upper register. Excellent player with fast Valves and slides. Comes with free high G installed.

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