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Schilke NEW S22CHD C Trumpet

Schilke NEW S22CHD C Trumpet...

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Schilke S22CHD C Trumpet Bore: .463" (11.75mm) Bell: ML - 4 7/8" Hand Hammered Yellow Brass with #2 taper Order yours now ............ It takes about 3months from time of your order unless I have in stock at the moment ( call ahead ) The new HD series of trumpets were developed to offer a darker core of sound with superior articulation clarity. Completely new design elements include a square shaped tuning slide bow and a re-designed mouthpipe taper and receiver. In addition to these features, the construction and design of the HD bell creates a solid, secure feel with incredible tonal depth. These new models are recommended for classical as well as jazz/commercial players alike. HD stands for Heavy Design. These models offer a new professional choice within the Schilke line. The HD models use a heavier receiver and leadpipe, thicker tubing, with a heavy guage "seamed" yellow brass bell. The additional mass offers a very thick powerful sound that is focused with wonderful projection.

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