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CarolBrass CTR-9990H-RSM-L Custom Red Brass


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NAMM Show Sweetheart! What a special horn, the sound is to die for.  I fell in love the first note!

CarolBrass CTR-9990H-RSM-L  Red Brass (90% Copper)  

In this .460” bore CUSTOM, red brass is used for the tubing from the leadpipe through the bell…
All these parts are made of Red Brass:
              Leadpipe ML fast taper 
              All inner & outer tuning slide tubes
              All tuning slide crooks
              The knuckles between the valve casings
              The bell section

Yellow brass is used only for the mouthpiece receiver, the valve block, the braces and small hardware. Once the column of air and the sound waves pass through the air gap after the mouthpiece and into the leadpipe, it travels exclusively through red brass everywhere except through the stainless steel valves. This makes for an exceptional quality of sound that has to be experienced first-hand.  The tone is gorgeous!
The high copper content adds a warmth and richness to the sound that is not attainable with commonly used yellow brass. The CarolBrass well thought out design makes for an outstanding combination that just gives you so much more. As copper content is known to darken the sound, they made this bell a little thinner, but not overly thin in a special medium weight. This prevents over-darkening the tone and allows just a little extra vibrancy, plus gives more player feedback than with heavier bells. CB yellow brass bells are .024” thick for the standard heavy weight and .016” thick for the lightweight. These copper babies are a .020” thickness, and work wonderfully well. It has long ago been documented that a high copper content bell resists over-blowing, allowing more power to be achieved from a given bore trumpet. 
.460” bore Bb trumpet in lacquered finish
5” Red Brass Bell, Standard Size (37), Medium Weight (.020”)
Red Brass conventional fast taper leadpipe - see about leadpipes
Both Rounded and Squared completely Red Brass Main Tuning Slides
Fleece storage pouch provided by CMS for the extra slide
Fixed thumb ring on 1st slide
Extra brace from bell tube to lower 1st slide with 1st slide stop screw
3rd slide fixed finger ring and classic threaded stop rod, plus extra bracing
Stainless valve pistons with lightweight springs factory installed
Heavy valve caps and buttons installed
Extra lighter weight set of caps and buttons included with tray
An additional set of lightweight, thin valve buttons included
3C CarolBrass mouthpiece (may substitute 1C, 1-1/2C, 5C, 7C)
Cleaning Rod & Cloth
Ultra-Pure valve oil provided by CarolBrass and highly recommended
Ultra-Pure “Regular” slide lube included by CarolBrass
Deluxe Black Leather-look Hard Case

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