CarolBrass Mini CPT-1000-YSS-SILVER  (Bb)   6.80”  SILVER Maximize

CarolBrass Mini CPT-1000-YSS-SILVER (Bb) 6.80” SILVER


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Key of Bb

 6.80” Length

Big Things come in small Packages!  AND  they are compatible with the newest version Yamaha Silent Brass Mute. The SB does fit but it makes the pitch 1/2 step flat Using the mute

 I have played it and it plays and sounds very nice.  Great gift item for Christmas, Birthdays, or you just want to give your favorite trumpeter some love.

Also this mini trumpet would be great for first year band students, very light weight easy to play and hold.     These pocket trumpets are in stock and make wonderful gift trumpets.   

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