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ELKHART Cornet Satin Silver A/Bb

ELKHART Band Instrument Company SN# 104724 Satin Silver ABb...

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Cute vintage cornet maybe from around 1924 SN# 104724 Hard to tell when Elkhart Band Instrument company and Buescher connected. Beautiful satin silver finish. Nice engraving of an Elk on the bell. The 2nd valve slide shows evidense of repair. (They could of done a better job) It could be touched up to look better. That's it, no other cosmetic flaws. Quick change rod to the key of "A". Comes with Original Case / Mpc Really plays Great! You'll be ready for that July 4th gazebo gig in the park. The Elkhart Band Instrument Company was started in 1924 by Buescher President Andrew Beardsley. After Beardsleys death in 1928, Elkhart Band Instrument company was merged into Buescher. Elkhart used Bandmaster, Tempo and Windsor as tradenames. Buescher used Elkhart Band Inst as a trademark. More pictures upon request. ~~~ Check out this Horn on YouTube ~~ http://youtu.be/Jg6SD0glsOY ~~

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