King SilverTone S/n 252368 Med Bore  Cleveland Maximize

King SilverTone S/n 252368 Med Bore Cleveland


These are the before pictures. This horn should cleanup beautifully.

The "Silver Tone" bell was then introduced and carried throughout the King line up. Today, King "Silver Sonic" and "Silver Tone" bells are sought over for their great tone and wonderful engravings.  Circa 1941

At the end of this year, the United States officially enters World War II by declaring war on the Empire of Japan ...

  • Early instruments will have a "lion head" by the serial numbers and are engraved "The King". 
  • In 1918 the company was incorporated and "Co" was added to the engraving of all instruments, before 1918 the engraving read simply as "H. N. White." 
  • In 1926-1928 H. N. White introduced Sterling Silver bells to his instruments. 
  • In 1948-1950 "Silver Tone" engraving was changed to read "Silversonic". 
  • After 1966, all instruments were manufactured in Eastlake and engraved with "King Musical Instruments."

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