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Getzen Custom Series 3895 flugelhorn SN/ G28565


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Getzen Custom Series 3895 flugelhorn SN/ G28565
Almost NEW ! GETZEN Custom Series 3895 Bb flugelhorn
The 3895 Custom Series features a smaller .420-inch bore and valve set for superior performance and response plus a new Tone Branch--bell to valve section designed to offer the best intonation available in flugelhorns today. This flugelhorn has a two-piece yellow brass bell for a variety of tone colors for the player.

Constantly striving to add more high quality instruments to the Custom Series line, Getzen is proud to announce the all new Getzen small bore flugelhorn.

The 3895 Custom Series flugelhorn is a completely new design built around a small (.420") bore valve set featuring nickel silver valve balusters and our famous, nickel silver pistons. By far, the most important advancement of this design is the all new, revolutionary first branch (bell to valve set). This new branch has been nicknamed the "Tone Branch" because of the dramatic effect it has had on this flugel, making the 3895 perhaps the most in tune flugelhorn ever built.


  • Bore Size: .420"
  • Inside Slides: Hand lapped nickel silver
  • Mouthpipe: Yellow brass Standard American Shank Receiver
  • Bell: 6½" yellow brass
  • Intonation Aids: Third slide trigger
  • Finish: Clear lacquer
  • Warranty: Getzen Platinum Warranty, Lifetime Valve Warranty


Technical condition: as NEW
Visual condition: no dings , no dents, light discolorations of nickel finish on the bottom cap, some discolorations on the lacquer finish.
Finish: lacquer finish 99% remains.  Comes with a very nice Trpt/ Flugel Combo Case

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