Calicchio 1S/9 S/n 5835 Silver Plate Maximize

Calicchio 1S/9 S/n 5835 Silver Plate


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Calicchio 1S/9 S/n 5835 Silver Plate

Made by the Domenic's grandson Christopher Weik, Joe Lintz, and John Duda around the year 1985

An Excellent player with no dents, dings, or trauma.

1s bell

This is the bell that set the standard for all commercial bells to follow. Developed in the 60's by Domenick to meet the demands of studio trumpet players in Los Angeles, it re- mains the mainstay of the professional commer- cial trumpet playing community to this day. Its unique bell flare design gives projection, focus and sound quality unsurpassed in the industry. It can be played with any leadpipe and will produce the core, density and sparkle that has been cherished by top professionals for over 40 years.

The #9 pipe is sort of an enigma.  The largest of the pipes Domienic made.  usuall found on the Freddie 3/9 configuration I think this is the best of both worlds.  A beautiful warm tone with a less resistant blow.  In combination with the 1S bell makes this a perfect Goldie Locks Trumpet. 

Beautiful sound that just jumps out in front.  Perfect for recording!  I'll have a HornTrader video on it ASAP.

Check out this link for History of Domenico Calicchio (1901-1979Calicchio dies May 11th 1979 (CA records)trumpet serial number at around 2900; it took him 4 to 5 days to make each one (Calicchio)  Check out the link for Calicchio's history

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