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Mount Vernon 1 Mouthpiece


On sale On sale!

I'm cleaning my shop and I find this Mount Vernon 1 Mouthpiece in the original box!.  


Yes the Holy Grail with the original Box........  Mount Vernon 1 Mouthpiece

27 hole unaltered.  It's the real Deal 

Models without letters-No. 10 backbore,  Standard throat No. 27, 3.66mm (.144”) 

 Models with no letter designation have deep cups, #10 backbores, and produce a rich, full, clear tone.

Model numbers progress numerically from model #1 with the largest cup diameter, to model #20C with the smallest cup diam- eter.

Cup depths are notated with letters. “A” cups are the deepest; standard cups have no letter designation; progressively shal- lower cups are marked B through F.

1 Deep 17.50 mm Medium thin. Extra-large cup for players with a robust embouchure. Produces a great volume of tone.

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