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Adams Custom Series A4 LT Sn/ 51301 (3 Bells Adj. Gap receiver)


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Adams Custom Series A4 LT Sn/ 51301 (3 Bells, W/ Adj. Gap receiver)  LARGE BORE

BoreL .470" 
Bell diameter5.5”
3 Bells(1 piece side seamed tunable) Yellow Brass A2 Antique Finish, 1 Piece Copper A2 (.50) , 1Piece Sterling Silver A4 (.55).
LeadpipeAdjustable gap receiver
ReceiverHeavy    Adjustable gap receiver
Valves3 x top center stainless steel 

Heavy Finger Buttons -  Blue Abalone Inlay

Bell Materials:  (All Side Seamed, with Tunable bell option)

Custom Bell Gauges:

- The thinner the gauge of the bell results in a more energized, faster response.

- The ticker the gauge of the bell will result in more stability and density to the sound

Yellow Brass  5 1/4”  .50 Guage

This bell is an excellent mix of materials for all round work as this material is very versatile. The sound is clear and brilliant at all dynamic levels, with a good core and great projection. This alloy is ideal for lead trumpet, commercial playing and studio work. Also a good choice for principal trumpet players in symphony orchestras or someone who is looking for good crispness to the articulated sound.

Red Brass        5 1/4”  .50 Guage

The Red Brass bell material is an ideal choice for the soloist who is looking for the richest, warmest, thickest sound available. Higher in copper content than our other two bell choices this provides the player with the smoothest transitions from note to note. Articulations are veiled (although with a lighter Red Brass bell option it is greatly improved) and sound shape is overall a bit wider in shape.

Sterling Silver    5 1/2”   .55 Guage

Sterling silver is a very versatile material but also much more dependent on the individual’s particular ability level. Therefore Adams recommends this bell option for the serious amateur or professional. The general characteristics are the bell is much darker and thicker when played at soft to medium volumes. When this bell is pushed the higher overtones are much more present and the result is a wonderful sound with great “sparkle.”


Raw Brass

This is actually no finish. The raw material of the instrument is only polished.


Colored lacquer which gives the instrument a typical antique look.

Sterling Silver 

This is actually no finish. The raw material of the instrument is only polished.

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