Kanstul SN/ 26688  MDL 1520 Piccolo Bb/A/G Maximize

Kanstul SN/ 26688 MDL 1520 Piccolo Bb/A/G


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With three interchangeable screw bells and three sets of slides, the Model 1520 piccolo trumpet adapts quickly and easily to Bb, A or G tuning and delivers a full rich sound. This model includes interchangeable mouthpipe shanks to accept both trumpet and cornet shank mouthpieces. Also includes a custom pouch to hold all the additional parts.

There is an extra little slide (looks sort of like a second valve slide for a D trumpet). Its to use as a replacement for the standard 4th valve slide.  If a piece is heavily ladened with many G/A trills (and many baroque pieces are), the performer has this option, making the 4th valve fingering a feasible and in more tune possibility. 

Played very little and never in performance.   A good playing horn comparable to Schilke but able to play in the key of G concert as well

You will find all the plumbing in the left side pocket.  Additionally, there is an extra set of valve guides (in brass).  Comes with extra A bell in lacquered brass (but with a little more than usual copper). It will ad some potential for playing and sound color variety.

Key:  Bb/A/G 
Bore:  .460" 
Bell:  Hand Hammered One Piece Yellow Brass 
Mouthpipe:  Two Trumpet Shank and Two Cornet Shank 
Valves:  Monel 
Valve Guides:  Metal 
Slides:  Brass 
Water Keys:  Two Amado 
Intonation:  1st Slide Trigger, 3rd Slide Ring 
Finish:  Bright Silver Plate 
•Hand Hammered One Piece Yellow Brass Bells
•Hand Lapped Pistons
•Top Sprung Pistons
•Three Screw Bells, Three Sets of Slides
•Two Cornet Shank and Two Trumpet Shank Mouthpipes
•Pinky Hook
COMES WITH CASE and Extra “A” bell in Lacquer  (more copper content)

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