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Olds L-13T Custom "Clark Terry" Flugelhorn SN/ A28414.


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VERY RARE Olds L-13T Custom "Clark Terry" Flugelhorn SN# A28414. (Circa 1979) This is perhaps the rarest of the Olds instruments, having been made only for a short period before Olds ceased production in 1981. These instruments were the personal model of the great Clark Terry, and are superb instruments. This particular one is in excellent condition. Original lacquer is 95% present, and this horn looks really sharp. Valves are quite good,tight and with excellent compression. This horn plays GREAT. Don't miss out on your chance to own a legend! This is what Olds said about this horn when it was first introduced in 1977~~~ L-13T Custom "Clark Terry" Flugelhorn Olds is pleased to present what is undoubtedly, the finest flugelhorn on the market today- the L-13T Custom "Clark Terry" Flugelhorn! Designed in conjunction with the renowned flugelhorn artist, Clark Terry, the L-13Tcontains quality craftsmanship and precision engineering for the dark sonorous tones so desired in a flugelhorn. Intonation problems, traditional with most flugelhorns have been overcome by the most advanced techniques of design. Truly a fine flugelhorn. The Olds L-13T Custom Clark Terry model is designed for "todays flugelhorn player." Specifications: Bore .437/ Bell 6-1/2" Materials redbrass bell with brass valve cluster and slides, baked epoxy Finnish. weight 38-1/2 oz. Case: Supplied in Deluxe Case with accessories. Very Rare and very Cool Olds L-13T Custom Clark Terry Flugel. Made in late 1979 this 40 year old Flugel Horn is STELLAR! In Collaboration with celebrated artist. Clark Terry. Olds engineers designed the L-13T Custom Clark Terry Flugel Horn . The combination of efforts has brought about an instrument that will be a favorite among trumpet players for years to come. It really is an eye-catcher. Especially with the famous Clark Terry Emblem on the tuning slide to trumpet brace. If you are a serious vintage trumpet collector, this is a rare instrument that is in out-standing condition.

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