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Schilke B6L SN/ 7081 (Circa 1975) Chase Horn


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One of Schilke's most popular Medium bore models is the B6Lb.  Bell Model numbers which include an "L" (as in "B6L") signifies trumpets that are built with tuning bells. These are "Step bore" designs where the bore of the horn expands through the lead-pipe, tuning slide and tuning slide bow, and valve slide bows, opening up the horn and making it freer blowing. Although unadvertised, the B6L has a standard weight pure copper bell (not the lightweight beryllium bell) the B7Lb.  B6L Trumpets are among the more popular Schilke models and the very popular. The Yamaha YTR-6310Z is based upon this design, although the Schilke models are slightly larger in bore size than the Yamaha. They are easy playing and do not take a lot of air to fill up. A very fine commercial trumpet for playing in the upper register. Bill Chase played a fixed bell B6 from 1965 through '68. Thereafter he played a B6Lb (a B6 with a tunable beryllium bell). This horn was manufactured around 1975, Bill Chase died in a Plane crash 1974. Chase's work on a fourth studio album in mid-1974 came to an end on August 9, 1974. While en route to a scheduled performance at the Jackson County Fair, Chase died in the crash of a chartered twin-engine Piper Twin Comanche in Jackson, Minnesota at the age of 39. in More Pictures upon request.  A youtube Video will be up shortly but until then check out this video of a similar Schilke B6L Model ( Bill Chase‚Äôs Horn) to get and idea of the sound, and playing characteristics of these B6L models. No Case/MPC this horn plays spectacular!

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