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Wild Thing Cornet SN/ 51865 Copper Bell


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Wild Thing Cornet SN/ 51865 Copper Bell
After years of research and design, Flip Oakes has created what many players are calling the ultimate Cornet. The “Wild Thing” is the most open and free blowing cornet ever made. Response is incredibly fast and allows great flexibility and superb intonation. This truly unique new concept in design produces a sound that is very open and dark with a huge core, yet retains it’s shape. The most significant features of this horn is it’s open wrapped, conical, one piece, hand hammered bell.
Include Deluxe Black Leather Bound Hard-Shell Case and 2 Flip Oakes WT Mouthpieces.

The Wild Thing Cornet presents the “Romance of the cornet” reflected in the cornets of the turn of the 20th century.

This cornet has the same gentle flowing curves that will remind you of the Grand Old Cornets of the past with one major exception. Using today’s technology and Flip Oakes’ unique design, he has added a playing quality has never before been achieved in any cornet.The Wild Thing Cornet will take you back to the days when cornets ruled and trumpets were fanfare instruments! Come and Hear the Difference! The specially designed leadpipe and bell gives you fast response, flexibility and great intonation. “You won’t believe how easy this horn is to play!” You can go from ppp to fff effortlessly with absolute control. The Wild Thing Cornet is also by far the most conical cornet made today which enhances the truest, traditional cornet sound.

It comes with 2 tuning slides with the same design and bore sizes as the trumpet. Also included, Deluxe Black Leather Bound Hard-Shell Case and 1 Flip Oakes 1.5c WT Mouthpiecesmade by Curry. The only difference is in the length. An extended length slide is included for playing in the extreme heat such as outdoors at concerts and festivals where you will need more tuning range without having to pull your slide out so far. This extra slide is ideal for this added advantage.  

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