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Calicchio Bb 2/2 SN/ 4950 GOLD


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Calicchio 2/2 SN# 4950 GOLD
Circa 1990

Excellent Compression, plus fast and smooth Valves and slides. the gold plating is flawless.

2 bell
This bell has slightly larger flare than the 1s bell, which gives it a broader core, while still generating that burnished, vibrant Calicchio sound. Warm, yet sizzling, the 2 bell projects to the back seats of any auditorium or theater, with the benefit of blending well in the section. Used by top professionals throughout the years, it can be heard in top showrooms from Las Vegas and Broadway to Monte Carlo and beyond. This bell will offer you lightning-quick response and flexibility that is unique to the Calicchio bell design.

#2 leadpipe
This is the world-renowned leadpipe - great for any situation. Its unique design provides lightning-quick response with a very open air column. The 2 pipe gives the player the ability to play at any volume with immediate, clean attacks and a large, focused sound

Check out this little piece of Brass History at the link below:

1979 Calicchio dies on May 11 (CA records); trumpet serial number at around 2900; it took him 4 to 5 days to make each one (Calicchio)

1987 Calicchio Trumpets, #6409 Willoughby (phone); Irma brings in John Duda & Joe Lintz to help revitalize the company (Duda); trumpet
#4176 is purchased

1992 Duda leaves and Domenick’s grandson Chris C. Weik is now in charge of production (Duda)

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