Wild Thing Flugel SN/ 40900 in Clear Lacquer Maximize

Wild Thing Flugel SN/ 40900 in Clear Lacquer


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Wild Thing Flugel SN/ 40900 in Clear Lacquer Maybe not perfect but very close with a little ding in the bell.

Gorgeous sound with the very functional ergonomic 3rd valve slide opperated by the left hand index finger.

Flugelhorn Specifications

  • Key of Bb
  • 6″ Brass Bell.
  • 3rd Slide Trigger.
  • Nickel Back Bell Bow Guard.
  • 3 Amado Water Keys (all reachable with the left hand at the same time for fast emptying)
  • .415 Bore, Bottom Sprung Valve Casing for the most Open Wrap Bell Branch, and Bell.
  • Hand Fitted Monel Pistons. (Bottom Sprung)
  • Brass Finger Buttons.
  • French Taper Mouthpiece Receiver -Tuning Slide – Brass Lead Pipe for the Darkest, for the Most Open Sound.


The Flip Oakes Wild Thing Flugelhorn offers the ultimate in full, rich, open, dark, smokey sound, suited well, for the jazz soloist, whether playing in a night club, out doors jazz festival, concert hall, or church. The blow is open and even throughout all registers. It also has incredible intonation, with fast response. The coolest feature about this horn is the ergonomic 3rd slide trigger operated by the index finger of the left hand. Very easy flugel to hold The flugelhorn features a short, fast valve action for intricate difficult passages. Whether your playing lush ballads, fast be bop lines or playing in the 'section'..... This is the Flugelhorn for you! These sell in Lacquer new for  for $3190  get yours for much less. No Case no Mpc.  This is a fantastic flugel!  Very in-tune with a beautiful sound. This horn was manufactured by Kanstul before Flip started getting his horn offshore.   Check out this video from 2013 of this same horn. 

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