Gary Radtke GR mouthpieces  (USED) Maximize

Gary Radtke GR mouthpieces (USED)


On sale On sale!

Gary Radtke GR mouthpieces  (USED)  $175 Each 

All with 66 diameter rim with different cups and backbores.  The 66 rim is pretty close to a Bach 3 diameter.

LEt me know which one you want through email, Text or phone.

See list below


65MS     "SPARX" Backbore




More About GR Mouthpieces

  • GR Mouthpieces are being played by top call professional players all over the world.  
  • They are also the mouthpiece of choice for the finest trumpet performers, educators, and students.  
  • From major motion picture soundtracks to community orchestras, GR Mouthpieces are quickly becoming the mouthpiece of choice around the world.


  • GR's Design Program is unique to the brass world.
  • Never before has a mouthpiece been so acoustically perfect! GR's Design Program eliminates all discontinuities.
  • A discontinuity is caused by a design flaw or manufacturing error which will disrupt the path of the sound wave. 
  • GR Mouthpieces do not have discontinuities which allows the sound wave to set up perfectly!

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