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Monette B6LDS According to Monette Comparison Chart it is equivelent to a Bach 3D 


Monette Classic B6LD S1 Slap

Trumpet Mouthpiece

B6LD S1 For years and years, countless players have asked us to make a more shallow version of a B6. This new model is the deepest of three new designs that fit the bill. This model is designed for players who play a B6, and want a slightly brighter sound with some noticeable help in the upper register. With a similar depth as our B4LD and B4LD S1, almost any player can play this model without "bottoming out." If you play a B6 and want to have more zing in your sound and more fun playing high notes,this mouthpiece is for you! - the manufacturer 


•  Cup Style: Slap 
•  Outside Rim Diameter: 1.070 inches (27.18mm) 
•  Outside Rim Contour: medium 
•  Rim Highpoint Diameter: 0.797 inches (20.24mm) 
•  Inside Rim Diameter: 0.650 inches (16.51mm) 
•  Inside Rim Contour: medium 
•  Relative Cup Depth: 4 (out of 10) 
•  Size Comparison: Bach 3D  
•  Finish: bright gold plate 

Blank Weight This model is available in one of three weights. Please specify weight when ordering (use the Comments box during Checkout to do so). If no weight is specified, we will send you the most popular STC-1 heavy blank. All descriptions areby the manufacturer. 

  • LT - Medium (standard) weight blank. Popular with big band and Broadway show players. Heavy enough to help a lead player sound clean and full, while still allowing a brilliant and exciting upper register.

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