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Monette B6S1/82 PRANA Resonance Mouthpiece


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Monette B6S1/82 PRANA Resonance Mouthpiece.  Monette says they are bout the same size as a Bach 3C (.350)

This all-new design has taken three years and dozens of dozens of prototype variations to develop.

Resonance mouthpieces is made in  PRANA configurations, and is key-specific; made for instruments pitched in either Bb.

The CLASSIC version is more affordable, and more forgiving to play for players new to Monette equipment. They sound and feel like luxury sedans drive! The PRANA version is the best of the best, and sounds and feels more like a high performance sports car drives! Both have a more integrated, homogeneous sound, with a more resonant mix of overtones. They have a more seamless blend of lows, mids and highs than ever before.

The improvements you'll notice immediately on either configuration include:

  • An easier, more in-tune upper register

  • Better projection

  • Faster, more locked in and secure response 

  • More homogeneous sound with more overtones 

  • More freedom and ease in flexibility 

  • Easiest transition for players new to Monette mouthpieces

Their new Resonance mouthpieces work great on virtually any brand of trumpet. If you have been waiting to switch to a Monette mouthpiece, now its easier than ever!

The B6S1 is the most popular mouthpiece we make!  The rim and cup dimensions compare to the 3C size, and it is a great mouthpiece for all-around, classical, jazz, big band or commercial playing.  We even have clients who use the B6S1 for lead work in big bands and Broadway shows!  Nearly everyone who comes into the shop playing a 7C, 5C or 3C mouthpiece loves the B6S1.  No matter what kind of music you play, if you prefer a 3C sized mouthpiece, then the B6S1 will be a great fit for you. 

PRANA Mouthpiece with the “SLAP” cup designs They are rapidly becoming the new standard. 

  1. The larger, more bowl-shaped cup at the top of the mouthpiece makes for a bigger sound and more room for the chops to swell up without degrading performance.  

  2. The middle of the cup comes in faster than old designs, allowing a faster response  

  3. The bottom of the cup has a wide funnel shape, to open up the “target size” of each note and make the mouthpiece more forgiving to play.

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