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I like the product very much. They should call gig saver..... It saved mine! I was doing a show with some strenuous playing in it. The rehearsals were killing me because we kept going over and over stuff. Then the show starts and my chops were sore an irritated. I was not looking forward to opening night. I was at a music store and I was out of my usual lip product so on a whim I tried Chop Saver. Turns out it is better than any thing I have used in the Past! (PERIOD) Chop-Saver ( Chop-Saver is an all new, natural lip moisturizer that was designed by a musician for the needs of musicians. Truly a revolutionary product that uses all natural ingredients and herbs to help reduce swelling of the lips and to promote healing. Originally designed for brass players (since its creator is a professional trumpet player), Chop-Saver is now used by just about any musician who uses their lips and as well as by people who don't even play music at all!

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