Carolbrass Piccolo CPC-7775F-YLS-S Bb/A  Silver Maximize

Carolbrass Piccolo CPC-7775F-YLS-S Bb/A Silver


CPC-7775F-YLS-S (The F = MEANS ) OPTIONAL - RIGHT SIDE FINGER RING- ADDED. Bb/A Professional full yellow brass piccolo trumpet, simple structural design, slightly larger bell's shank, you can get rich sound with excellent intonation. I was pleasantly surprised when I took their standard model horn with out the optional RIGHT SIDE FINGER RING out of the box! What a great SOUND! Check the youTube: ~ ~ 11.50 mm(0.453 in) bore. 103 mm (4.055 in) yellow brass LARGE/STANDARD bell. Yellow brass leadpipe Bb & A in both Trumpet and Cornet Shanks Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides. Yellow brass valve knuckles and all U bows. 3rd valve slide fixed finger ring. Accessories: Deluxe wood shell similar leather case, 11AX trumpet & Cornet mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, valve oil. Added parts: Extra Finger buttons and bottom caps

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