Schilke 5X SN/  67095 W/ Case  Brand New! Maximize

Schilke 5X SN/ 67095 W/ Case Brand New!


Yes, Schilke makes an X5 and X6 trumpets in very small numbers. They are quite rare and hard to find.  Back in the early 80s' those horns were in the catalog. The X5 is  the same as the X4 (0.468 bore throughout) but has the medium C bell (the same as the B3) and the bore expands to 0.472 through the tuning slide.

Schilke calls it the X casing. They stamp an X on the valve casing so they can readily distinguish the different casings when assembling the horns.

This horn is brand new and comes with a beautiful Case and Mouthpiece.

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