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Bach Stradivarius 236 "D" S/n 349910 in Silver plate


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Bach Stradivarius SN# 349910 236 D the 236 bell is more focused than the 229. Bright and it projects!! It is the standard bell for "D" trumpets. (Similar to 25) Manufactured around 1991. Excellent condition. The silver is 99.99% intact valves and slides are fast and smooth. Excellent "POP" compression. Need a Good Polish and "The Trumpet Shall Sound"!   More pictures are available. You-tube very soon.

D180 Stradivarius Series D Trumpet

  • Key: D 
    Bore: .448" 
    Leadpipe: Standard 
    Leadpipe Material: Yellow brass 
    Bell: 4.8" one-piece, hand-hammered 
    Bell Material: Yellow brass 
    Valves: Monel pistons 
    1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb saddle 
    3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring with slide stop

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