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Holton Model TR395 MF Superbone Trombone


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Maynard made this horn Famous.....  now maybe this horn can make YOU Famous 

Holton Model TR395 MF Superbone Trombone       Comes with Original Case and Mpc

Key of Bb. Combination valve/slide trombone. .484" bore, 9" hand-hammered bell, chromeplated nickel-silver inner slide, nickel-silver outer slide, Monel pistons, nylon valve guides, lacquer finish. Includes mouthpiece and deluxe wood shell case.

From first glance, it looks like a valve trombone but don’t be fooled…the slide moves as well. What is unique about this horn is the way you are able to use both the slide and valves at the same time. For instance, if you push the 2nd valve down with the slide in first position, your resulting tone is an “A.” If you were to hold that valve down, all of your slide positions would then be lowered a first step. If you were to push the first and third valve for low “F”, you have created the F-attachment found on a symphony tenor trombone.

While it takes a lot of practice to coordinate both configurations, the end result is quite awesome! In some ways, I see its benefits by having a smoother articulation with the valves while also being able to use the slide for glissandos. This horn probably would not have received the recognition it deserves without the help and endorsement of the legendary trumpeter Maynard Ferguson (hence the ‘MF’). Simply known as Maynard, he was able to completely master this instrument. Listen to this recording of his song, “Superbone meets the Badman.”

    • Key of Bb 
    • Combination valve/slide trombone 
    • Bell: 9.0" diameter hand-hammered yellow brass with wire-reinforced rim 
    • Chrome-plated nickel-silver slide with seamless inner slide and integral chamfered stocking; nickel-silver outside slide 
    • Monel pistons 
    • Nylon valve guides 
    • Lacquer finish

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