Bach New York SN/ 2296 Model 7-10-62 w/ No. 6 pipe Maximize

Bach New York SN/ 2296 Model 7-10-62 w/ No. 6 pipe


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 Bach New York SN/ 2296 Model 7-10-62 w/ No. 6 pipe

I've played this horn and it has a very bright big commanding tone.
It’s a shame there are so many patches, but it is a player
Non the less it is a great part of the bach History and did I mention a very good player.

This horn has a #6 lead pipe and a hybrid 7-10-62 bell 
Bach made some hybrid bells; that is, bells made with sections corresponding to two earlier bell designs.  One of the more interesting of these is the 7-10 bell whose mandril matches different segments of the number 7 and 10 mandrils.  These hybrid bells require three numbers after the word Model, e.g., 7-10-62, which means a number 7-10 bell and a large bore (.462)  trumpet.  Later, hybrid bells that remained in production were assigned new, two-digit numbers, and the hybrid numbering convention disappeared. 

The #6 pipes  Slightly more restrictive than the standard 25. For those who want a lot of resistance, the most restrictive leadpipe bach makes. 
Which in combination with a Large Bore instrument gives it great balance in the blowing.  Similar to the leadpipe found on the Yamaha “Z” trumpet. 
This Helps with endurance.

SN# 2295 reflects a build date in 1934-35.

The Bell Code “45" is related to the Thickness of the brass (Guage)

To figure out these codes, 0.018 inches is equivalent to 0.4572 millimeters.  By the same rule, this thickness would be represented by the number 45.  By the time Bach moved to Mt Vernon, he had decided to round off the millimeters to two digits instead, and the same brass thickness, 0.018 inches, came to be represented by number 46.  This apparent inconsistency have confounded many until a document was found that provided indications that this is what happened.

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