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Benge MLP 3X+ SN/ 19756


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Benge MLP 3X+ SN/ 19756  Silver plate is about 99.99% The valves are like butter  

This is a hard horn to let go It REALLY plays well!

Vintage Benge 3X+ MLP (MLP = .464) SN# 19756  from the Anaheim plant ( Stamped Los angeles) 1977 Another fine playing vintage horn, these horns are great for playing lead. Nice and bright with out being harsh or strident. The Medium Large Plus (.464 bore) lets you blow with lots of air for maximum sound! No dents or dings. The silver is 99.99% The mechanics are perfect.  This is a player! This Horn Come with the original case / no Mouthpiece

In 1953, Benge retired from playing, resigned from the orchestras that he played with in Chicago, and moved to southern California. He continued making trumpets in his garage in Burbank, located at 1122 W Burbank Blvd. Elden Benge was killed in a car accident in front of his house in 1960, and his son Donald then ran the company. The production was around five per week or 225 horns per year prior to 1960 and increased to twenty-two horns per week from 1960 to 1971.  

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