Holton Revelation Trumpet (Second Generation)  SN/ 3936 (1924) Maximize

Holton Revelation Trumpet (Second Generation) SN/ 85559 (1924)


Holton Revelation Trumpet (Second Generation)  SN/ 85559 (1924)

Matte Silver Plate with a Gold Wash Bell.

Years Built: 1922 – 1926 (31) Key(s): A & B-flat

Front Slide: Tuning

Rear Slide: None

Bore: .442”,.460”

Bell Material: Yellow brass

Pitching: HP & LP (inset), LP (main)

Tuning Lock: stop rod, top-mount

Bell Type: 1-piece , 4-13/16”

Leadpipe Taper: D

Bell Braces: Z & Offset frt

Leadpipe Mat’l: Yellow brass Leadpipe Type: Reversed

Tuning Brace: None

Tuning Slide Radius: Dual, squared

Special Characteristics: All models are dubbed “New Revelation” after 1927 valve port shift.

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