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Bach Stradivarius SN/ 3125 25/62 New York Large Bore


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New York Bach Stradivarius Trumpet SN/ 3125 25/62  (.462 Large Bore)  Manufactured Circa December 1935 at 627 East 216th Street Bronx, NY (621-P East 216th Street, New York 67, NY.)  This trumpet features a 25 mandrel Bell with the 45 Gauge Brass (see bell engraving) The #45, between Vincent Bach and CORPORATION, corresponds to the bells thickness (0.018 inches). Stamped “Model 25 62″ would be a trumpet with a number 25 bell and a bore size of 0.462 inches, in Bach terms, a large bore horn. This is what the Bach Loyalist says about the #25 bell.  “Sharper, slightly tighter, and more focused projection than 37. Similar in characteristics to the Benge 3X bell.  All Styles (Tighter, focused sound. Great for lead type playing in night clubs, etc. Can be too cutting of a sound in a large group. Bach offered a free quick-change-to-A mechanism on his trumpets during this vintage period if the buyer requested one,  It attached to the bottom of the tuning slide and to the lower leg of the slide receiver.  The slide bar/rod is missing on this horn but the screws and mounts are still there.  I’m sure a talented brass technician could re-in stall a bar or take off the existing mounts.  Either way it would not affect the playing or the tone of this fine instrument.  The lead pipe shows wear near the receiver.  No sure if that was a scar from a repair or possibly a constant contact area for the previous owner, after all the horn is over 80 years old!.  I believe this to be the original lacquer.  I would say it about 90% intact.

This Trumpet has a beautiful tone!  The mechanics of the valves and slides are in perfect working order.  The compression is very good as well.  You would be hard pressed to find a vintage BRONX NY Bach horn that sounded and played this well.  The horn has been cleaned and any little minor dents removed.  The case is not original.  It appears to be a Conn Case around the same vintage as the horn.  More pictures upon request.  I'll have a video up ASAP

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