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CarolBrass Phat Puppy Pocket Flugelhorn


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Pocket Flugelhorn – Taylor Phat Puppy

CarolBrass is pleased to announce that the new Taylor Phat Puppy (CarolBrass version) is going into production.
Mr. Andy Taylor, the original designer of Taylor Phat Puppy, gives us the right to make Taylor Phat Puppy.
Mr. Taylor provides the measurements and specifications, all the materials, parts, assembling and coating are done at CarolBrass factory.
Basically, you can refer this new horn to a “compact” version of regular flugelhorn, or a type of “pocket flugelhorn” which produces beautiful flugelhorn sound!
CarolBrass’s version is with standard specification(and without customised options), it costs less expensive if compares with Taylor’s version.
Both Taylor’s and CarolBrass’s Phat Puppy are great in terms of sound and playability.
Key: Bb
Bore: ML 0.460
Leadpipe material: Yellow brass
Tuning slide material: Yellow brass
Bell material: Gold brass
Bell diameter: 6.299″
Finish: LacquerAccessories:
CarolBrass 3CFL mouthpiece
Woodshell case
Additional mouthpipe
T2 Valve oil
Ultra-Pure tuning slide grease
Cleaning cloth
User booklet
Frequently asked questions:Q: What are the differences between original Phat Puppy and CarolBrass’s?
A: The configuration is a bit different, but both Phat Puppy have been tested and approved by Mr. Andy Taylor.Q: How does Phat Puppy compares with regular flugelhorn in terms of size?
A: We make this picture below for your reference
Q: Can I use my flugelhorn mouthpiece?
A: Yes, you can. Phat Puppy is delivered with 2 types of mouthpipe which are large size (marked as L) and small size (marked as S), we are sure that these 2 mouthpipes fit 99.9% of the flugelhorn mouthpiece in the planet.Q: Can I use the same fingering as regular flugelhorn/ trumpet?
A: YesQ: Key of Phat Puppy?
A: Bb, sams as regular Bb flugelhorn.Q: What is the material of “rose gold” coloured finger buttons and valve caps?
A: These are made from yellow brass, then rose gold plated and with lacquer on the surface.Q: How does Phat Puppy sound?
A: Warm, mellow and sweet flugelhorn sound.Q: How does Phat Puppy play?
A: You might feel a bit more resistance on it because the bore is enlarging rapidly. Once you conquer and get used to it, you will find it hard to stop playing Phat Puppy.Q: How much is the price?
A: Suggested retailing price is US$ 2,300.00.

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