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B.A.C. Portland Sn/ 7548 Like New!


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  • .460” Bore
  • Satin Combo Finish
  • D Style Main Tuning Slide Dual Radius
  • Lightweight Lacquer
  • Heavy Weight Caps
  • Hand Engraved Bell
  • Deluxe Case
  • Each of B.A.C.’s Artist Series Musical Instruments has been designed by Master Craftsman Michael T. Corrigan for a specific purpose. While you will notice a theme of ‘versatility’ among B.A.C instruments, there are going to be underlying tonal and musical features that may shine through a bit more on one model over the next. The idea behind our Artist Series instruments is to provide an array of choices for the multitude of professional musicians in the world, and the various styles and preferences that exist. You finally have an opportunity to dial in on the right instrument for you, as if it was custom tailored.The BAC Artist Series Portland Model Bb Trumpet was developed to provide a working professional trumpeter an instrument that conveys a robust sound with dynamic tone colors. The stunning brush finished hand engraved bell, glossy trimmings, and elegant gold colored valve caps, provide a look that is sure to capture attention. Featuring a medium-large bore design, along with a unique set of tapers, the Portland Model trumpet can effortlessly balance the blends of a section, or sizzle from the lead chair.The Portland Model trumpet features a 5′ Gold Brass, One-Piece, Reso-Tempered bell. The higher copper content allows a musician the ease ability to demonstrate a rich, lush sound, while maintaining a solid center as needed. The bell’s crafting design, along with the soldered bell bead, balances the warm overtones with superb responsiveness and flexibility. It is  is set up with a D-shaped, yellow brass alloy main tuning slide. This allows a musician ease of playability as well as secure slots into each note.  This design feature also gives the musician further confidence with articulations in the upper register, as well as targeting close partials.The Portland Model features several different alloys in the construction. The strength and durable properties of nickel silver, the overall reliability of yellow brass, and the rich qualities of a higher copper content gold brass all pair together beautifully to produce not only striking looks, but a gorgeous blend of resonant tonal qualities.he BAC Portland Model Artist Series Bb trumpet comes standard with a deluxe hard shell case, and a silver plated 7C mouthpiece.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 24 in


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