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Bach 19043B S/n 711684 “Marachi”


Bach Mariachi Trumpet – Bach LR190 Stradivarius
Designed with Jose Hernandez & Mariachi Sol De Mexico Brass Section


Designed in collaboration with Jose Hernandez of Mariachi Sol De Mexico, the “Bach Mariachi Trumpet” (LR190 Series) Stradivarius trumpets are exceptional horns in all aspects of performance. At the heart of the Bach Mariachi model is the 190 series valve section and the unique #43 Bronze alloy bell. This new model uses the time proven LR180 Series design and combines it with the new 190 platform and heavier alloys to give players an incredibly versatile, powerful & projecting horn that maintains amazing tonal depth and color!




Bach Mariachi LR190 Model
The Bach LR190 models are also referred to as the “Bach Mariachi” or “Jose Hernandez” model due to the fact that the horn was designed in conjunction with Jose Hernandez of Mariach Sol De Mexico – a popular mariachi trumpet player. While the LR190 models are absolutely a great horn for Mariachi players, they are also an exceptional lead jazz horn! Featuring a quick responding, lightweight body, with a richer core from the 2 piece valve casings and a more colorful & powerful tone from the unique #43B Bronze alloy bell.

Bach 180 Series vs. 190 Series
The Bach Mariachi LR190 Series trumpets were built on the new 190 Stradivarius platform. At it’s core, the 190 platform simply refers to the horn’s valve casings.


Bach Mariachi LR190 Trumpet Specifications
Country of Manufacture Made 100% in the USA
Bore ML .459″ Bore
Body Weight Light Weight Construction
Bell Weight Standard Weight Bell
Bell Model 5″ #43B – 43 taper, Bronze Alloy – Amazing response with a rich & resonant tone
Leadpipe Model Reverse #LR25 Leadpipe
Model 190 Valve Casings 2 Piece Casings with Nickel-Silver Upper Balusters
Finish Lacquer – Elaborate Custom Engraving on Bell
Case New Profess Single Trumpet Case
Warranty 2 Year Warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials.
Included Accessories Bach Stradivarius Case

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Bach Mariachi Trumpet – Bach LR190 Stradivarius Discontinued!

The Mariachi Model Bach Strad was discontinued in Bach’s 2023 product refresh.  Now’s your chance to get one previously owned and in mint condition.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in