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Bach Stradivarius C/Bb 229/25H S/n 466271


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Bach Stradivarius C/Bb 229/25H S/n 466271

It’s a C trumpet with a full set of Bb slides. Essentially two horns in one.

Gold trim kit with silver plate.  The horn is in excellent condition.

25H Pipe Designed for Bud Herseth of the Cicago Symphony

Bigger tone, more free-blowing and flexible than 25C.  Herseth leadpipe-(hence the “H”…) Big, fat, sound. Takes air to play and can sound airy in the lower register.


229 Bell 

Tighter and brighter sounding than the 239. Sound doesn’t spread as much to the sides and the 239…the sound is more direct and focused.  Tends to be slightly broader than 239
Classical Nice sound, really cuts through the orchestra. High range can sound pinched if you don’t fill this bell up with air!


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in