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Bach Stradivarius S/n 5174 ~ New York Era (1941)


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This beautiful vintage New York Bach Stradivarius trumpet S/n 5174 was built in 1941 by Vincent Bach at his  3rd factory in New York.

621 East 216th Street
Bronx, NY


This horn has been professionally chem cleaned and detailed hand polish by Charles Hargett at Brass Mavens.

It has elaborate engraving and a gold Wash Bell. This is a beautiful example of meticulous craftsmanship of a time gone by.  Beautiful engraving over most of the bell (inside and Out). It is a 7 Pipe, 37 Bell, and a  Medium bore (.452) Basically the same model horn that Malcom McNab played most of his career. The engraving is really clear and the impressions are still very pronounced after all this time. The horn is silver plated with gold accents also in the engraving. This is a beauty!  The third slide ring and stop assemblies were swapped in a conversion, no idea when.

Now the bad news ……………….there is red-rot in the lead pipe and tuning slide.  The horn plays great but in full disclosure there is some red-rot.There is some red rot in the tuning slide crook, not nearly as bad as the mouth pipe. There is no need to replace the lead pipe, but a good tech could do the job for around $350-$550 (Leadpipe and installation) Most likely the horn is more valuable with the original pipe. It’s a number 7 pipe, you can get good replacements from Bach, Mouthpiece Express, Charlie Melk, M/K Drawing or maybe Mike Del Quadro.

No Original Case /  No Mouthpiece. More pictures to follow with a video soon………….

Brass Mavens specializes in vintage brass winds. They have the knowledge, experience, and patience for these fine but fragile instruments. More information at

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