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Baro Model CTR-5280L-GLT-BG (D) BlackHawk WoW!!!!


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Baro Model CTR-5280L-GLT-BG (D) BlackHawk WoW!!!!
Excuse me while I GUSH

BG stands Black Hawk.  Or rather Black Plated with Gold trim

The standard Baro model is plated with anodized black nickel plating only on the bell.
This Blackhawk Baro is plated with anodized black nickel plating throughout the total horn with Gold Plated Trim on heavy Caps and finger buttons on BG.  “ Blackhawk”
Big 5 inch flair with a bach 72 inspired choke.  The finger rings are thick and weighted and the mouthpiece receiver is heavy as well.   It is a heavy horn but not like Taylor, Harrelson, of Monette.  It feels really good in your hands and there is a good balance
With the weighted receiver on one end and the euro bell on the other.

The Carol Brass EuroBell “Baro Model” is, if not the best, one of the most complete horns I’ve played! It’s a great horn at every level.
It is the the original “EuroBell’ model design with a few modifications.   CarolBrass took the original to another sound dimension and level, with the “Baro Model “ They have achieved a wider tonal range, perfect for players that navigate in a variety of musical environments from Pop to Jazz to Latin … this horn has the capability of opening up with a bright tone in the higher register as well as to mellow down in the middle and opening to a wide bottom range… as a multi style player, the response of the instrument and the tone quality in every musical environment I play is the most important aspect I look for in a Horn… I believe the Carol Brass EuroBell “Baro Model” has everything a professional can ask for in a Trumpet, from style to sound to response, allowing the player to develop itself from within…!!  Ok You might get the funny sideways look at 1st until they hear it and then it’s Shock and Awe!
Here are technical specs…
Model:                ‘Baro Model’  (Custom CTR-5280L-GLT(D))
Key:                    Bb
Bore:                  ML (0.460’;11.70mm)
Bell:                    G (Gold brass  & wire rim soldered)
Bell size:            L  (Large #72)
Bell thickness:   T  (Thin 0.016’;0.4mm)
Finishing:           ‘Baro’ finishing Blackhawk, valve casing, gold plated Trim finger button/caps
Leadpipe:           Gold brass inner, nickel silver twin tube outer, ‘Baro’ custom heavy mouthpiece receiver. Reverse Configuration
Tuning Slides     2 one round one square

Water Keys       Saturn

*Inner yellow brass/ Outer nickel silver tuning slide
*1st tuning slide fixed finger ring
*3rd tuning slide fixed finger ring with traditional stopper

* Heavy caps top and bottom
*Saturn Warter Keys
Comes with Thin Finger buttons,  extra tuning slide, Mouthpiece, Hard wood Case, Valve oil, Slide Lube, and a polishing cloth.

Additional information

Weight 15.000000 lbs
Dimensions 12.000000 × 12.000000 × 24.000000 in


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