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Benge 3X S/n 4258 Burbank ML


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Benge 3X S/n 4258 Burbank ML (.460)

Used and loved.  Fine player ……………….  Most of the engraving is worn off the bell.  Handmade in Burbank Calif. by Eldon Benge.

The receiver was replaced along the way with a Benge receiver in raw brass….that’s the only work done.   It plays very well…..the compression ‘pop’ isn’t powerful on the 1st & 3rd slides, but Gary McCheyne checked it and he confirmed it as solid…no leaks. Here’s the overview….. A wonderful specimen of a Vintage 1959 Burbank Benge 3X. All original components, except a new, raw brass receiver. Some silver wear on leadpipe ….no redot….chem cleaned and new mother-of- pearl inlays. Valves perfect, all slides smooth and perfect. Plays fantastic!! From low to high…..even, in tune scale. Good for Symphony or jazz/ lead playing.

Comes with hard gig bag

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in