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Burbank 3X Plus .464 S/n 1749


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This horn were owned by the late Ted Bowden, who was a lead player in the Seattle area. The Burbank 3* plus he played from 1989 until he passed away in 2015.  He played the horn on countless tours, shows, and recording sessions. He was a beautiful player and he made this horn sound centered and clean. Ted had the most natural feel in all styles.

The Burbank 3X Plus Trumpet

.464 Bore (MLP) Medium Large Plus


Large, brilliant tone. This model has the same bell as the 3X ML .460 bore, but employs the .464 bore valve section. 4-3/4” bell. Designed for players who prefer a more open feel as compared with the 3X Model.

MSRP: $3,300


The Burbank Trumpet plays like a dream

Considered by professional players to be one of the finest trumpets in the world, the Burbank’s design was engineered more than 50 years ago by Elden Benge, a professional musician and brass maker who was passionate about his craft. Unrelenting attention to detail and sound quality drove him to create an instrument that produces a big sound, superb intonation and easy, quick response in all registers. Now manufactured by Kanstul Musical Instruments, you can be assured that when you purchase a Burbank Trumpet, the quality and the sound is there.  Comes with a Brown Leather Reunion Blues Case / No MPC

  • Hand-hammered brass construction

  • Resno-tempered bell for resonance throughout all registers

  • First slide thumb throw, third slide finger ring, lead pipe finger hook, third slide stop rod, and Monel pistons with mother of pearl concave finger buttons

The Burbank line offers a trumpet for every playing style. Once you’ve played a Burbank, you’ll understand why we say it “plays like a dream.”

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in