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Calicchio 1S/7 Sn/ 2497 Made by Dominic W/ Reeves PVA


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History in the playing!

Calicchio 1S/7  Sn/ 2497 Made by Dominic W/ Reeves PVA

Horn was manufactured in 1976

Reeves alignment/ chem clean performed in  September 2020

Valves were overhauled by Oberloh in March of 2021

Beautiful playing Calicchio with some of the lightest / fastest Valves I’ve ever played (Dan Oberloh is the man)

Previously owned by Clyde Reisinger.  Famous LA Session man who recorded with Coltrane, Stan Kenton

Clyde Reisinger. is engrave faintly on the bottom of the bell around the bell flair.



1s bell

This is the bell that set the standard for all commercial bells to follow. Developed in the 60’s by Domenick to meet the demands of studio trumpet players in Los Angeles, it remains the mainstay of the professional commercial trumpet playing community to this day. Its unique bell flare design gives projection, focus and sound quality unsurpassed in the industry. It can be played with any leadpipe and will produce the core, density and sparkle that has been cherished by top professionals for over 40 years.

#7 leadpipe
One of Domenick’s original designs, this leadpipe brings more resistance to the front of the horn. The 7 pipe produces a warmer sound with a bit more to blow against. It’s a wonderful leadpipe for more intimate situations.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in